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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  September 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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but the incentives have to outweigh the costs. >> reporter: the plan comes exactly one week after president obama announced his plan for job creation. and then hit the road to sell it to the public. >> let's pass the jobs bill right away and let's get it done. [ cheering and applause ] let's go! >> reporter: as the political debate continues, more americans are struggling to get by. the number of people applying for unemployment benefits jumped last week to the highest level in three months. that follows news that one in six americans is now living in poverty. in the senate, lawmakers continued to face-off on how to tackle the economic crisis. >> there are some members of the republican party who would not impose one penny more in taxes on the wealthiest people in america. >> mr. president, it's time to change course. >> reporter: in addition to laying out his jobs plan, speaker boehner promised that the house will also consider the president's ideas but says tax increases are not an option. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. >> there was one piece of good news on the economic front
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today. mortgage rates dropped to their lowest level in six decades. freddie max says the average rate is down to -- and 15 year mortgages are down to 3.3%. but before you run out to refinance, here's a list of five things you should check before going to the bank. check your credit record, if you don't have a score of at least 740. most banks won't want to talk. have at least 3% of equity in your home. check your debt to income ratio. if you have $2,000 in debt payments each month and only bringing in $5,000 overall. that won't make the cut. make sure you can verify your income with recent pay stubs, w- 2s and tax returns and check to see if you can cover the refinance fees. the mixed day of economic news didn't seem to hurt the markets. the dow closed up more than 186 points.
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the nasdaq finished up 34.5 and the s&p 500 rose about 20. after three weeks of terror, parents in one springfield neighborhood can rest easier tonight. police have arrested a 16-year- old boy they say abducted and sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl. delia goncalves is live in the neighborhood with some reaction. d.? >> reporter: lesli, you know parents were so afraid for such a long time here. that they were adding extra security to their homes and many of them told me they were literally sleeping in the same bedroom as their children. and just moments ago, we spoke to several neighbors including one man who went on camera to tell us that this suspect lived among them. >> before labor day, we saw a lot of undercover officers. >> reporter: in neighbor doesn't want his face shown but terms us the 16-year-old boy recently moved to the neighborhood with his mother and siblings. >> do you believe the boy who did this lives in that house?
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>> yes. of course. >> reporter: police are only say the suspect is from the springfield area. detectives believe the teen broke into the victim's front window and snatched her out of her bed three weeks ago. he is accused of sexually assaulting the little girl in the woods behind her home. >> i got really like scared like -- and i felt bad for them because she was like my best friend and i'm like why? why did it happen to a 5-year- old? she had gotten a lot of cuts and she got like -- not abused but not like exactly abused but she got like her and all that. >> he tried doing things with her. >> yeah. >> reporter: the little girl is safe and recovering with her family tonight. the suspect, he's been behind bars and in fact, since he was arrested august 31st, that was for an arrest that happened three days before this abduction just two miles away.
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derek? >> thank you delia. a virginia's abortion clinics tonight have some thinking to do. they have to decide if they can afford to conform to some string new regulations just passed. they voted this afternoon to regulate abortion clinics just like hospitals instead of like doctors' offices, bruce leshan was there for the vote and he joins us live now from richmond. bruce? >> reporter: hey derek, this is really a huge change. in other states that have passed similar rules to the ones just passed here, the vast majority of abortion clinics have been forced to close. >> 12 ayes, one nay, the motion is adopted. >> i mean, what the hell? you should know better. >> reporter: it is one of the country's most polarizing issues. >> i don't care about their privacy -- they're not going to be any more clinics to protect people in. >> reporter: even when argued before a normally obscure board of health. >> the babies are not protected
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yes, but at least we're in some right direction. >> reporter: 12 members voted for the new rules. only a holdover from the last democratic governor voted against. >> puts individuals at risk. doctors, other clinicians at the clinics and patients. >> opponents say clinics have the money to install thinks like five foot hallways and covered entrances. >> they going to have to make the decision about whether or not they want to spend their profits on health and safety standards or not. >> reporter: supporters of abortion rights say it's a back door way to end an extraordinarily safe and legal medical procedure. >> the complication rate is insignificant and we know that. why are we doing this? other than to shut down the centers that provide these services. >> reporter: now, a poll just out suggests that the vast
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majority of virginians don't me about the regulations, those that do mostly support them but most people in the commonwealth also support the right to an abortion. lesli? >> all right, bruce, thanks for that. new at 6:00, a judge today orders sulaiman brown to hand over documents to backup his claim that he is paid off by gray's campaign. brown had refused to release the money orders and bank statements because he said he was cooperating with federal investigators. but the judge threatened to throw him in jail if he didn't comply. the former fringe mayoral candidate now has two days to review the documents before releasing them to the council on monday. turning to fairfax county now where schools are considering installing some new security cameras. >> i'm peggy fox at centreville high school. scene of a huge food fight last spring right after west springfield's food fight that some kid posted on youtube. now principals of all fairfax county high schools are asking
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the school board for permission to put up cap is in calf -- cameras in cafeterias and common areas. most of the kids i talked the hate the idea of having cameras in the cafeteria and common areas. it would make them feel like they're being watched at all times but administrators say they would be a deterrent. >> i would be very happy if i put the cameras in and nothing happened. ill love to see in bullying and i would love to see no harassment of students in the hallways. so my idea is -- proactive trying to prevent this type of thing. >> reporter: but the parents' group says putting up cameras perpetuates a gotcha mentality in the school system. >> if you want safe schools, you prevent things from occurring, this seeks to punish kids after the fact and there's no day that that says it would deter and keep students safer. >> that was peggy fox
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reporting. in michigan the governor wants doctors to start monitoring the weight of their youngest patients and then submit the data to that state registry. it will help track the obesity epidemic, but is that enough to do any good? it's coming up on the only local news at 7:00. still to come, the couple that's become an internet sensation. hear what they're saying about the newfound fame. top? we'll show you live doppler 9000 hd. we'll tell you when the showers will end and also video of a tornado in ocean city. but first a fireworks show caught on tape but this one wasn't planned. what nasa has to say about it, next.
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caught on tape, was it a plane, a meteor, is ufo?
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well, no one really knows. all we know 100% is that people in chandler, arizona saw this glowing orange light streak across the sky last night. a nasa scientist says it was likely from a fragment of an asteroid that entered the earth's atmosphere. but he says even he can't say 100%. that's what it was. all right, well for centuries we here on earth have been looking to the stars and wonders are we alone in the universe? today, scientists at nasa announced the kepler space telescope captured details of a giant planet in orbit around a pair of stars about 200 light years away. they call the discovery stunning. the planet is like saturn but nearly 50% tensioner suggesting it's richer in -- denser suggests it's richer in heavy elements. >> i didn't think it was going to be possible to be able ever to make discoveries like that. i imagined the distances were so great that the optical resolving power that was going
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to be required to pick out a planet around the star was going to require infeasiblely large instruments. >> for now they are all calling the planet kepler 16 abb. still ahead, riding for relief. how horses are helping some veterans deal with post- traumatic stress, up next. if you've got pain?
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you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. for years, horses have been part of the therapy for veterans with physical wounds of war. but do you know they also help with healing from post- traumatic stress disorder? lindsey mastis spent the morning at fort meyer with a group of vets and their horses. >> reporter: every week at fort meyer the horses have a mission. to help veterans still suffering from the traumas of war. lieutenant colonel sam norove has spent 23 years in the army, serving in desert storm, in
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bosnia, and even iraqi freedom. >> he started during desert storm. i was under 16 mortar attacks. >> reporter: he went from fighting in the field to facing ptsd head-on. the horses have helped. >> i forces me to experience and live what i am feeling in that moment. >> reporter: part of the therapy is getting to know the horse. retired army national guard specialist vincent short was severely injured by a roadside bomb in iraq. >> i shattered my right radius, had several burns. >> reporter: working with the horses forces him to live in the moment. >> being able to have these little leather straps if being able to go this way and that way and being able to have this animal do what i say -- it --
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it definitely calls me down. >> reporter: the program is called the platoon equine assistant program and it's changed the veterans' lives for the better. at fort meyer, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> by the way these horses also take part in military burials at arlington national cemetery. here's something lighter, annealedderly oregon couple, they are now the hit of youtube. you see esther and bruce recorded themselves trying to use their new computer. [ funny noises ] and then esther suggested that their granddaughter post the video on youtube. it's called "web cam 101 for seniors." and it's gone viral. >> it's fun being famous but i would rather be rich and frame organization wouldn't you? >> oh, yeah, rich and famous -- no, no, you'd give it away anyhow. >> i know it. >> despite their sudden fame the hoffmans say they have no plans to post a blog. >> they are cute though. >> pardon me. >> oh my gosh. big burp.
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>> bless you my son. >> okay now you have more video from the tornado ocean city. we do. >> ocean city, 3:45. some damage. no injuries, 75th and 76th street of ocean city. we spoke earlier to the mayor, and he said again no injuries. but there's some minor damage and some siding off and some tiles off and some power out but pretty impressive little storm i tell you what. they still had enough instability in the atmosphere to produce this. it was not that warm here. in fact our high temperature occurred at 11:00 this morning but they created a rotation and you can see the water and debris in the base of the storm and that's infeed a funnel cloud. for us we have run of the mill showers and we'll take them. nothing severe or heavy. it will wet the roads if you're going home especially down 95 south to fredericksburg. but leesburg, you're done with
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the showers, see clear skies pretty quickly and the winds will pick up as well. satellite and radar combined. these were the showers and storms that went off ocean city. these are the run of mill showers to run through us now and clear out very nicely later tonight. look at the temperatures, again the high was 78 at 11:00 a.m. and. down to 61 downtown. 58 already in bethesda and 55 in gaithersburg and even 57 in reston. and even 59 at andrews. that's pretty chilly. here's the deal. sweaters required. i don't think the kids will fight you on this. hopefully they won't. clearing and chilly tonight. chilly start tomorrow. some clouds will return tomorrow. stay dry but some clouds in the afternoon. weekend still looks cool and kind of okay in and out of the clouds. tonight showers ending early, be clearing breezy and cooler even a bit chilly. lows 44 to 54. wind northwest at 10 to 15. be in the 40s tonight. i love the weather in the metro
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area. 48 tonight in reston and 48 in fairfax. 54 in arlington and mainly in the 50s downtown. but low 50s at that. 53 downtown and 50 in college park. 47 out toward bowie. now the section nerve days -- next seven days, clouds will return tomorrow. we have a shower in for saturday. not a huge problem for the terps' game. still cool. 69. temperatures on sunday again with some clouds. won't put a shower in there. stay low 70s and then the temperatures start turning around a little bit. near 80 on tuesday and back in the low 80s wednesday and thursday of next week. so if you are tailgating or going to the maryland game, you could have a sprinkle or shower, nothing crazy heavy but it's there. >> cooler weather, wow. all right, have to learn more about what's going on in dan snyder's head. >> we haven't heard much from him at least since he dropped the lawsuit against the city paper. so he finally spoke out today and lots of changes going on at fedex field and redskins park. dan snyder talked about the improvements he's trying to
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make to his football team. and could the nationals get a four game sweep against new york? more coming up next.
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for the first time since dropping that lawsuit against the washington city paper, dan snyder met with media members today at fedex field, no questions were off-limits. we showed you a little bit ago in the 5:00 thundershower that snyder was -- hour that snyder was ready to move on and excited about this career's team. we also asked him about the new indoor practice at redskins park. the project expected to be completed in november. well, before this, players had the pile in cars and go practice to a nearby fitness center. so, is this facility on track?
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snyder says so. >> you got to look at the future and it's now and we're doing it and you know, i don't want to have an answer as to why it didn't get done or why the previous owner didn't do this and why redskin park is where it is. we are where we are and we're just excited about finishing that project. >> snyder's team hosting arizona this weekend. theskins have beat the cardinals seven times in a row and theskins defense needs to watch out for that guy. larry fitzgerald. he has some of the best hands in the league. so what's the key to stopping fitzgerald? maybe the skins' front seven. >> the best way to stop larry fitzgerald is of the rack and kerrigan and barry and steven get after the quarterback because if he can't throw it. larry can't catch it. and fran wills now have some new parking -- fans will now have some new parking choices at fedex field.
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you can see now there's some covered parking underneath those panels. keep your cars nice and cool. and there are ten spots so you can refuel electric cars. the nationals wrapping up a four game series against the mets before returning home this weekend. going for a rare four game sweep and those bats were hot today. tommy malone making the third career start for the nats and showing some good stuff. induces the double play ball in the 1st to get out of the jam. he went five and two-thirds striking out four including ronny paulino right here. only allowed one run. ryan zimmerman's rbi double in the 8th brought in alex cora. 10 runs the nats pounded in today and they win 10-1. malone gets the first win in the mlb. and finally tonight, why is the guy so happy? we'll show you, watch how creative the rope swing to a
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surf board. >> low. >> i wonder how many times he tried that? >> that's pretty cool. >> that looks like fun to me. >> just surfs away. >> sticking the landing. >> sure is. >> that's it for us, the cbs "evening news" is next. >> that's right and derek is back with the area's only local newscast at 7:00. have a great night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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